Thursday, March 13, 2014

St Patrick Day–Design 3 Simple nail art with scotch tape


This is a very simple nail art design for beginners, who are just trying out new things in nail art. In this design I have used the scotch tape for nail art .


Nail Polishes used :-

  1. NYC Long Wearing - 152Tudor City Teal
  2. NYC Long Wearing - 112 Times Square Tangerine Creme
  3. Pure Ice 1067 as Base Coat
  4. Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle as top coat.

Steps :-

  1. After applying base coat, apply two cats of green color on all nails except accent nail with orange color.
  2. Make sure your coats are totally dry before you use scotch tape for your nail art on accent nail.
  3. After drying apply scotch tape on your nail, cut in a certain design, here I have used a small triangle and apply the color, in this tiny triangle space.
  4. Take out the scotch tape when the nail polish is still wet.
  5. Apply Top coat for securing your manicure.

This design is for those girls who want to try a very simple nail art design, and you can use this scotch tape on all nails or only one two nails, according to your comfortable level with nail art. Here the only important thing to remember is don’t use scotch tape on wet nails, otherwise it will ruin your design and remember you can choose any other brand and create this look.

Enjoy this easy nail artSmile

-XOXO Chitra