Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Gradient with Stamping Nail Art



Hi girls, this is my first post for this blog, and I thought why not start with month of love.

This design is inspired by many YouTube nail tutorials and Pinterest. This is my version of Valentine’s Gradient Nails.

Nail Polishes used:-

  1. Pure Ice – 1067 Bottom Line Base Coat
  2. L.A. Colors – NP393 Cotton Candy
  3. NYC 131 – Big Apple Red Crème
  4. Wet n Wild – 232C FuchsiaRama
  5. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – 401 Perky Pink
  6. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry – Clearly Quick top coat
  7. Sally Hansen – Nail art Pen White/Blanc
  8. Konad Double Side Stamp Set
  9. Shany Cosmetics Nail Art Plates – SH17
  10. Equate Makeup Wedges Sponges – from Walmart
  11. Q-tips and Nail polish remover

Step by Step Directions with Images:-

  1. Pick any red and pink nail polishes of your choice. I used NYC and Wet n Wild. You can choose any other colors also, like orange, white etc.
  2. Always protect your nails with base coat.
  3. After the base coat dries, paint your nails as light pink or white color nail polishes, here I painted my nails with light pink Sally Hansen and let it dry, before you do gradient effect.
  4. Then on a makeup sponge or a wedge paint pink and red color and start pressing it down on your nails as shown in the picture. I have put red in top part and pink in between the light pink and red, just to give a gradient effect from light to dark color. Please put the nail polish with every other nail, or each nail if it is drying in between.
  5. After the coat dries, you can actually stop here and use a glittery top coat, but I went ahead and did little stamping on my accent nails. I used Nail art plate SH 17 with the heart shapes.
  6. Apply the white nail polish to the desired design and then scrape across plate with the scarper to remove excess polish.
  7. Immediately press the stamp with gentle rolling motion to pick up the design.
  8. Stamp the image onto your nail with a gentle rolling motion.
  9. Now with the help of nail art pen, I drew the little heart shape design, its very easy, just draw two small diagonal lines and cross each other in the end. You can also use toothpick and white polish to draw these hearts or just skip this portion, if you d not want hearts on all your nails.
  10. For lasting wear, apply a glittery nail polish or clear / fast drying top coat.
  11. Remove the excess nail polish on your fingers or around nails with Q tip and nail polish remover.

Share your photos with me if you try them, on my social media linked on my blog.


- xoxo Chitra