Monday, July 20, 2015

11 things your lips say about You

Happy Monday Girlies, I have such an interesting post to share today, I read it recently on MSN" 11 things your lips say about you " Your lip print is more useful than leaving behind a sexy stain on your Starbucks cup or leaving a this-is-so-embarrassing mark on your nephew's cute chubby cheeks. In fact, they actually reveal a ton about your personality. And since we're as curious as a smelly cat (Friends reference—anyone?), we tapped lipsologist Ariana/Anna Snodgrass, a Jilly Eddy-certified lipsologist, to find out just how much our lips are really saying. So go and layer on your favorite shade (for ultrasoft lips, we're obsessed with GLAMGLOWs new Lip Duo—a fizzy lip treatment for exfoliation, and lip balm for tons of moisture), grab a piece of paper and pucker up. Then take a look at the list below to find out what your kisser says. First there's your shape to consider...

Open in the Centre, but closed on the sides :

You're open to new experiences and love to find random of-the-moment adventures. If you notice your print is really open—more than 1.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide, if we're getting technical—consider yourself the life of the party that everyone wants to be around.

Open corners

You're easily bored and need to keep busy in order to feel satisfied. You may enjoy bouncing from task to task, rather than finishing one thing before moving on to the next, because it keeps your brain stimulated and moving in all different directions. 

Square or rectangle

More than anything, you really love to nurture others (hello, mum of the year!). Which makes sense, since everyone likes to turn to you when working out a big problem. People tend to gravitate toward you because you're grounded and often considered reliable—nobody can accuse you of blowing off an important event...or even ditching your weekly workout with the girls. 

Oval or round

You're a diplomat or peacekeeper (not the ones in Hunger Games, mind you), and try to avoid conflict at all cost. Some might say you're a bit of a push-over, but we say you're just really good at seeing things from everyone's point of view before making a decision. You're a pro at diffusing tense situations, and likely find time in your day to meditate, as you know how beneficial it can be. 


If you've ever doubted your ability to lead a team, well, stop that right now. You're really good at recognizing talent in others, and can foster that talent to create a productive, nurturing work environment. Take a closer look at your upper lip, too—if it's fuller than the bottom, you're also a great listener. More fullness on the bottom means you tend to be very generous and give back to the community.


Your lip print doesn't fit into one particular shape, which speaks volumes about your creativity. You love to think outside the box, and aren't afraid to try something crazy on the off-chance it just might succeed. And then size (yep, it really does matter)...
If your print is small (1-1.75" wide, .75-1.06" high): You're a very detail-oriented woman, and pay close attention to deadlines. You thrive on projects that require a close watch on budget (you may or may not secretly jump for joy when you come under it), and are careful when making any big-time decisions.
If your print is medium-sized (1.75-2.25" wide, .875-1.75" high): Hey there, busy lady! You love having a million balls to juggle, and are a pro at keeping each one in the air. Multitasking might as well be your middle name, so you may feel a little lost when there aren't a lot of things to tackle on your to-do list.
If your print is large (2.25-3" wide, 1.5-3" high): Go big or go home is your life motto. If you can't do it right the first time, you don't want to do it at all. Throwing big events or taking the lead on a noteworthy project at work excites you, as you like to give the proper care and attention large-scale commitments require.

If your top lip is fuller than the bottom

You're a great listener, but don't have time for long-winded rants or explanations—you'd rather just get to the point and find a solution quickly. And if you notice fine, white lines appearing on your upper lip and trickling down vertically, then take note—those are called spirit lines, and they signal a strong spiritual side or a feeling of personal connection to something "bigger" than yourself. 

If your bottom lip is fuller than the top


Generosity is your middle name, and it's not just about financially giving for you—sharing your ideas, thoughts, skills, and resources is just as important. Oh, and pay attention to those little white lines you took note of before—they can also signal stress. If they trickle horizontally (rather than vertically) from the center of the lower lip and travel outward, then you're likely dealing with a lot of stress (same goes for a dark outline around your lips. If you see it, you're overwhelmed and need to slow down before taking on more work). The good news is that it's stress you can control, so sit back and evaluate the best steps you can take toward finding a solution. If those same horizontal lines are appearing on your upper lip though, take a deep breath. That's stress you don't have a lot of control over, so there may be something happening that you need to work on worrying about less.

Hope you enjoyed, Have a great week ahead. Do share your shape and what personality are you, are you really like that?

I am first one:)   Open in centre


Disclaimer:- Original Article from MSN Website

Friday, July 17, 2015

Loreal Colour Rich Collection Exclusive Reds–Freida's Red

Hi Girls,

Happy Friday :) Today we are talking about this new exclusive red lipstick I picked up recently from Walgreens.

L'Oreal has come up with new Collection Exclusive Red Lipsticks, which are Limited edition of tailor made red lip color. Shades for every skin tone. There are 8 shades in this range inspired by celebrities. I got two of them as I think I have most of other colors in my collection. When I saw this display at drugstores, I had to get them for sure, as I love red lipsticks.

There are 8 shades:-

400 Doutzen's Red
401 Julianne Red
402 Blake Red
403 Eva Red
404 JLo Red
405 Frieds'a Red
406 Joey's Red
407 Liya's Red

This is one of the lipstick I picked up, Freida's Red. When I saw this color in the display I had to get it for sure, its was so different from other Red's, it is actually a pinky red not red. It is dark Fuchsia color, to be precise not pure red. But I really loved this, it reminds me of Relentlessly Red from Mac so much. I don't have that, so I am not sure if it is a dupe or similar. But it does look like that color. They normally range from $7 to $11 depending on where you buy it. I have heard from my friend she got from Wal-Mart for just $6 something. I got from Walgreens from downtown location so it costed me $9.90, which is very expensive for drugstore lipstick but I went through three Walgreens to get this color and had to buy it as soon I found it. There was no sale on these at that time.

Chitra Pal Loreal Collection Exclusive Freidas Red 405 (3)

Lets talk about packaging first, they have kind of velvety texture on the tube outside with gold packaging inside. This made it feel so luxurious , but if you think practical, this packaging gets dirty so much so quickly if you have anything on your hands with white cast, it will leave your tube white patchy which is not pretty at all. All the lipsticks have names mentioned on the outside packaging which makes it easier in storing the lipsticks. The cap is sturdy and will lock the lipstick well.

Chitra Pal Loreal Collection Exclusive Freidas Red 405 (2)

It is matte finish lipstick but not at all drying on the lips like few matte lipsticks, specially the new liquid matte lipsticks which I have been testing for some time, will be posting about them soon.
Its easy to glide on to the lips, and does not tug the lips. It has a light fragrance to it, goes away after wearing it. Its very flattering to all skin types, it is bold and beautiful color. Its very pigmented but you can build up more to get rich color. It does not feather off, but with these bold colors, its advised to use a lip liner always if you ware wearing for long time. Without lip liner it gave me around 4 -5 hours with eating and drinking. It had light stain, but it can be reapplied well too.

Chitra Pal Loreal Collection Exclusive Freidas Red 405

I would totally recommend this to my girl friends. This is gorgeous color for every day or for a special occasion.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Swatches for WetnWild Silk Finish lipsticks


Wet n Wild recently revamped their Silk Finish lipsticks, they were in silver tubes and they are now replaced with black plastic tubes. I have used some of Silk Finish and I was curious to see if the formula changed as well. I got few of the colors, which I don't think are new as I saw them earlier too. They are variety of finishes and colors for everyone, from glossy to cream finished. I got few glossy ones and few cream ones. I am not a fan of glossy ones, just because I don't like glossy finish but the color pay off on both the finishes are really great.

These are enriched with conditioning ingredients of vitamins A & E and aloe vera for moist looking lips.The application is very smooth since it is so moisturizing and it looks great. Only downside of these lipsticks are you have to apply more often, they are not long lasting lipsticks. They are around 99c in all drugstore or Wal-Mart. They are perfect for budget friendly makeup, as you can good color payoff from these. For some of these pigmentation is super awesome.

I am really impressed that a 99cent lipstick lasts as long as a more expensive lipstick. They last a few hours now, it but it fades quickly.


Mink Brown is dark chocolate brown color, no shimmer or gloss at all. It si a cream finish lipstick and the texture is very smooth.

Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Mink Brown (2)  Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Mink Brown (1)

Retro Red is straight up red color gorgeous on any skin tone, one true red color with blue undertone, which will look good on anyone.

Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Retro Red  (1) Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Retro Red  (2)

Blind Date is  gorgeous purple berry. This is one of the new colors. Reminds me of the Sugar Plum Fairy shade in the megalast line perfect for fall and winter.

Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Blind Date (2)  Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Blind Date (1)

Blushing Bali is a peachy pink with slight shimmer. Super pretty and wearable for every day.

Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Blushing BAli (2)  Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Blushing BAli (1)

Retro Pink is pretty pink color with glossy finish as well.

Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Retro Pink (2)  Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Retro Pink (1)

Hot Paris Pink is prettiest of all, I love this one. This is coral pink color , cream finish lipstick.

Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Hot Paris Pink (2)  Chitra Pal WetnWild Shine Hot Paris Pink (1)

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