Monday, March 24, 2014

Spotted New Rimmel Nailpolishes :- Salon PRO 10 Day


Chitra Pal New Rimmel Salon Pro nailpolishes (2)

Today I saw new line for nail polishes at CVS from Rimmel, which I wanted to share with you. These are not gel nail polishes, but finishing is like gel nail polishes.

They are “Salon Pro Nail Colour with LYCRA”, they are available at CVS for just $2.99 for 0.4 oz and in 15 different shades. Some are Kate moss collection and some are not even listed on their website.

I heard about this coming up and was waiting for it show up in stores.

Product description, they claim to be as per their website :-

  1. Last 10 days
  2. Chip resistant nail color
  3. Gel finish
  4. Includes precision maxi brush for salon perfection

Here is the product display at my local CVS store:-

Chitra Pal New Rimmel Salon Pro nailpolishes (1) Chitra Pal New Rimmel Salon Pro nailpolishes (6)Chitra Pal New Rimmel Salon Pro nailpolishes (5)  Chitra Pal New Rimmel Salon Pro nailpolishes (4)

Colors available as per their website are :-

  1. 421 - Clearly Clear
  2. 447 - Barmy Blue
  3. 397 - Beige Babe
  4. 702 - Simply Sizzling
  5. 337 - Purple Rain
  6. 227 - New Romantic
  7. 237 - Soul Session
  8. 317 - Hip Hip by Kate
  9. 705 - Reggae Splash by Kate
  10. 711 - Punk Rock by Kate
  11. 713 – Britpop by Kate
  12. 227 -New Romantic  by Kate
  13. 237 – Soul Session by Kate
  14. 325 – Hot Gossip (not listed on their website)
  15. 557 – Yes Sir (not listed on their website)

Chitra Pal 227 New RomanticChitra Pal 237 Soul SessionChitra Pal 317 Hip HipChitra Pal 337 Purple Rain

   227 New Romantic                    237 Soul Session                                     317 Hip Hip                              337 Pruple Rain

Chitra Pal 447 Barmy BlueChitra Pal 702 Simply SizzlingChitra Pal 705 Reggae SplashChitra Pal 397 Beige Babe

    447 Barmy Blue                      702 Simply Sizzling                     705  Reggae Splash                        397  Beige Babe

Chitra Pal 711 Punk RockChitra Pal 713 Britpop

      711 Punk Rock                                                  713 Brit pop

Disclaimer:- Swatches are not on my hand, they are taken from “Try it on” feature from Rimmel Website that is why whatever colors were available on their website can be swatched on this app.

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