Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Night inspired nails


Who is ready for Oscars tonight? I have seen many celebrities wearing dark nail polish earlier, hope somebody will wear the bling today also. I like nude colors also, but sometimes dark colors go really well with light colored dresses. Today I have created my own version of Oscar inspired nails, which has little bit of bling and little bit of fabulous dark side of red carpet color.


Nail Polishes used:-

  1. Pure Ice – 1067 Bottom Line Base Coat
  2. Wet n Wild megalast - 216 B “Under your Spell”
  3. Wet n Wild Fergie collection- A003 “Gold Album”
  4. Sally Hansen Nail Growth Top Coat
  5. Q-tips and Nail polish remover
  6. A nail art dotting tool / or any circular  dotting tool

Step by Step Directions with Images:-

Chitra Pal Oscar 1Chitra Oscar 2

  1. Always protect your nails with base coat.
  2. After the base coat dries, paint your nails with Wet n Wild Under your Spell.
  3. With Fergie Gold Album- Take a dotting tool and add three circular dots on all four fingers except thumb with four dots. If you don’t have any dotting tool, don’t worry create your own, with bobby pin or with left over lolly pop stick like I did.
  4. For lasting wear, apply a fast drying top coat.
  5. Remove the excess nail polish on your fingers or around nails with Q tip and nail polish remover.


Chitra Pal Oscar 3Chitra Pal Oscar 4

Now you are celebrity at home with this fabulous, quick and easy nail art inspired by Oscar Night. Enjoy girls Smile

- Xo xO Chitra