Friday, March 14, 2014

St Patrick Day –Design 5 Shamrock / Three leaf Clover



Nail Polishes used :-

  1. NYC – New York Color Minute 298 High Line Green
  2. Wet n Wild Shine – 449C French White Creme
  3. Wet n Wild Fergie – A003 Gold Album
  4. Wet n Wild Fergie – A006 (Kaleidoscope eyes) and A005 (Flossy Flossy)
  5. Pure Ice 1067 as Base Coat
  6. Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle as top coat.
  7. Konad stamping tools
  8. Shany Cosmetics plate SH01


Steps :-

  1. After applying base coat, apply two cats of this beautiful lime green and golden nail polish on accent nails. (like Design 4)
  2. After the base coat of lime green dries, take the Shany nail art plate SH01, where there is a Shamrock / three leaf clover.
  3. Apply white nail polish on plate, scrape the excess and take the design on stamper. Stamp on all green nails one by one. You can always make this by hand with nail art pen as shown. Just draw three little hearts and one big line as clover’s stem.
  4. Let them dry and apply top coat to secure nail designs. 


You can always choose white color on accent nail and apply green clover on accent nails and white on all green color nails.

This design is very easy nail art using stamping tool, remember you can choose any other brand and create this look.

Enjoy XOXO Chitra