Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How do I clean my Makeup brushes in affordable way at home?


I always clean my makeup brushes every month. Unhygienic/ dirty makeup brushes are number one cause for acne and germs.

Be in a habit of cleaning your brushes frequently without fail. I have even set a reminder in my phone to clean brushes every last Saturday of the month, so that they are dry and ready to use on Monday morning.

I use only three ingredients to clean my makeup brushes, I know many people use so many high-end products to clean their makeup brushes, but I am going to show you here how to clean your brushes in a inexpensive and affordable way. You can use any brand ingredients, whichever suits your pocket.

What you need:-

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for moisturizing effect, leaves your brushes so soft. I used Walmart brand, but you can use any brand
  2. A tear free baby shampoo, I have used Parents Choice, with natural lavender (smells so good) but you can use any brand
  3. A dishwasher soap (mild one) I have used Dawn with Olay, but you can use any brand
  4. A clean towel.
  5. A disposable bowl/ plate to mix all ingredients
  6. Water
  7. Antibacterial clean wipes.
  8. And dirty Makeup BrushesSmile

Chitra Pal Makeup Brushes cleaning (3)  Chitra Pal Makeup Brushes cleaning 1 (1)  Chitra Pal Makeup Brushes cleaning 1 (5)


  1. In a mixing bowl add 1 tbsp of olive oil, baby shampoo and dishwasher soap.
  2. Clean your brushes one by one under Luke warm water. Wash only brush area not the handle.
  3. Then dip the brush and swirl around the bowl one time, take it out and keep on swirling around in your palm/hand.
  4. Keep it doing till you feel your brush is clean and wash it off under running luke warm water. If you feel you brush is still not clean dip in mixture again and wash it off.
  5. For Beauty Blender after washing take another bowl, add water and keep the beauty blender in it and microwave it for 30 seconds, it will take off the bacteria from beauty blender.
  6. Make sure you clean your eye lash curler also, it has germs too.
  7. Eye brushes are washed at least twice as they have tons of products.
  8. Keep them laying on a clean towel like shown in picture and keep on turning every 1 hour and reshape them with your hand.
  9. It will take at least 24 hours to air dry them, do not use heat to dry them.
  10. Before using just wipe the handles with antibacterial, clean wipes.

Chitra Pal Makeup Brushes cleaning (10)

I don’t have many brushes, but still I do take care of them regularly, and by doing this your brushes are squeeky cleanSmile no germs, no acne, all set…..girls

Other products on which I have read good reviews on, are, I have never used them , please let me know if you have tried it.:-

  1. Dove Soaps
  2. Trader Joe’s Dr. Bronner’s soap