Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spring Favorites

This is the first time I decided to share my beauty favorites. I have been wanting to share these posts with you for along time, but I was not sure whether I should do monthly and seasonal favorites, so finally I decided to do this one to start with, what do you guys think?

I will try to post every month my favorite beauty products, hopefully I can keep up with it.

I am also going to do small mini reviews for them in these posts. These are just my opinion for these products, it can differ from all skin types.

Today I am going to share some of my Spring Favorites. When a new season begins to change your make-up routine is as important as re-arranging your closet for the new time. Independently of your skin type, the weather change affects all the beauty tools you use that maybe for winter were okay, but with the heat getting closer and the skin trying to moisturize by itself, new methods and products are needed.

One thing always happens with the change of warm weather is that make-up tends to soften a lot, while in winter a heavy foundation may stay intact, on spring-summer is hard to maintain, not to mention unnatural.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (7)

1. This season is where I use the most is BB/CC Creams, and if you want more coverage you can always mix 50/50 with your usual foundation. I use this L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder which is medium coverage foundation, but its perfect for spring and summer season. I am in shade Classic Ivory. I think they are discontinuing this line, its such an amazing foundation, If you find it better grab it now. I already have two backups.

  Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (4) 

2. I use this WetnWild Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve your Cabana as over all setting/ face powder. I know it’s a bronzer but I use it as face powder because its perfect shade for my skin tone. It has SPF 15 for  protection which is a great deal two in one product.

3. Pixi Color Corrector Concealer in Brightening peach. It’s a salmon peach color corrector which diminishes my purple/blue tone under eyes.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (8)

4. Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink. It’s a perfect blue based pink matte bush without any shimmer. It has great pigmentation, is not powdery, and has a silky application with nice coverage. This is such a gorgeous blush. It looks really bright in the pan, but you can apply it lightly and it gives your skin a beautiful, natural glow. I have cool toned skin and this complements it so well. This looks so natural and really brightens up your face. Great staying power too.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (2)  Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (5) 

5. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips All-in-One Custom Palette for Face & Eyes in Natural Nude. I love using it as a highlighter on my cheeks and on my eyelid and inner corner. I also some of the shimmer shadows as overall eyelid color. Its such a great multipurpose product.  

6. Rimmel Gel Eyeliner and Kate Moss Green Eye shadow stick in Green These are such long wearing eyeliners. This black eyeliner is my holy grail gel eyeliner. Its such a great easy wear liner. In Spring season I wear a lot of colorful liners too, this season have been using green color. I have been using green liner as lid color or tight line or lower lid.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (9)

7. Essence I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. I really love this mascara. It gives great volume, length, and darkness. Clumps a little bit but not bad at all, the brush is good. I use it everyday and would definitely buy it again.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (15) 

8. Epille Green Tea Cleanisng Tissues, These are amazing. They work really well and they're so cheap. They leave my face feeling so soft, and it removes all the oils, dirt, and makeup. It's also so amazing because  $1 for 30 wipes and $2 for 60 wipes, rather then having wipes around 5-7 dollars that don't even work. Plus it works for all skin types,it cannot beat that. I love that they come in variety of choices from cucumber, aloe, green tea, and others. I would totally buy these again.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (6)

9. Sexiest Fantasies body mist in Fireworks , its such a perfect body mist for spring season. Its pretty sensual odor. Its just $8 at CVS.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (10)  Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (16)

10. Lipsticks:- This spring season I have got some new lipsticks in my stash and have been using them every day.

a. Jordana Matte it Girl

b. Milani Matte Passion

c. Milani Rose Hip

d. Milani Pretty Natural

e. Black Radiance Hibiscus

f. Maybelline Color Elixir in Rose Redefined

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (12)

11. Nail polishes In spring season I start using all bright orange , pink colors. This season I have mostly used these a lot. I have already posted a Manicure before using the lavender nail polish from Poparazi and glitter.

Forever 21 in purple Clear, WetnWild Blazed Poparazzi in Lovely in Liliac, Essie 1095, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Big Teal 325 , Essence Ultimate Pink , NYC Grand Central clear coat and Poparazi Cuticle Oil

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (14)  

12. Jergens BB Protect and BB Body, in spring don’t need any heavy sunscreen coats, just a sheer protections is good enough. I use this Jergens BB Protect cream which has SPF 15 which is good for over all body. It has sheer color like bb cream but does not change your skin color by any means. It smells really nice. I have already reviewed this on my blog, click here for detailed review.

13. Carmex Vanilla lip balm with spf 15, you always have to protect the lips also from sun. This is a perfect lip balm for spring, as it has sheer vanilla flavor.

Chitra Pal Spring Favorites 2015 (1)

Have any beauty suggestions for me or products you’ve loved this spring? Share in the comments below…

Thanks for reading!