Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review on Facial Hair Removal Spring tool from Amazon- Love or Dud

Hi Girls,

Today I am sharing my review on Facial Hair Removal Spring tool with you which I picked up from Amazon for $1.64 + free shipping. You can also buy this from Ebay , around this price.

I have used this since two months now, and I am sharing my honest opinion for this.

Its such a quick, easy, less painful hair removing tool. This worked amazing on me and I am sure after one -two uses you will be quick too. It is actually like threading, but just with a spring instead of thread.

It makes so much easier to use this at home , instead of making Salon trips and spending so much money. I know many people prefer waxing also, but I will recommend this to all girls, even if you are threading or waxing fan. This works amazing and I am sure you will thank me later. I am not sponsored on this post, this is my honest opinion on this tool.

My friend actually recommended this tool to me long back, but somehow I thought going to salon is more convenient, but I don't know what I was thinking that time, I should have used it earlier.

This actually pulls the hair from roots, so it grows less faster like Threading.

How to Use:- See the picture below, on how to hold the spring and then move from downward to upward direction against your hair growth like waxing, keep on twisting it upwards and you will catch the hair in this spring.

Before and After Picture:- I am sorry, if its gross to you, looking at this picture but seriously wanted to help you in seeing the results of this amazing tool.

I have used this seller (Masingo(from HK) on Amazon, to buy this tool, but you can use any other seller on Amazon or  Ebay wherever you get cheaper. It's worth a try for this price. Don't buy from CVS or Walmart, its way more expensive that Amazon or CVS. Brand does not matter in this tool, its just spring which does all the trick.

If you want to see the Youtube Videos to see how to use this tool have listed down some of the videos for you:-



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