Monday, May 11, 2015

Poparazzi Cuticle Oil Too Cute-icle

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Todays post is all about Cuticle Oil. Picked up this at CVS for $.99 on Pop.arazzi sale. It is 0.5 Fl Oz / 14.8 ml.
Chitra Pal Poparazzi Cuticle Oil (3)Chitra Pal Poparazzi Cuticle Oil (2)

I normally use olive oil for my cuticles and hands once a week.

So lets talk about Pop.arazzi  brand, this is only available at CVS. This was the first time I was trying this brand and decided to try this one as it was on super cheap sale. They are generally around $2.99 and they have a wide range of nail polishes with such a cute polka dot cap, really cute. I have bought couple of them will post "NOTD "soon .

So how do I use, Cuticle oil:-

After I remove my nail polish I file my nails. Then I use cuticle oil, for at least 10 minutes by massaging into all my fingers along with my toes, yes that’s right don’t forget your toes. It smells like berries, which is a plus sign to use on cuticles. I have used this product since three weeks now. I use it twice a week, even when I have my nail polish on. It does not do anything to nail polish colors so don’t worry. It is good hydrating product for my cuticles for this price. I just use two drops for one hand , but I still do my olive oil routine once a week.

If you get this in your CVS, I would totally recommend this to you.

Chitra Pal Poparazzi Cuticle Oil (9)Chitra Pal Poparazzi Cuticle Oil (6)

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