Friday, August 21, 2015

Review L.A.Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

Good Morning Girls,

Here is my review and swatches for LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss, which I got them recently when I attended Makeup Show from Ricky NYC counter for $5.99 each and I got 20% discount over it. There are total 16 shades in this line. I bought 6 , one each from one color family as I love matte lipsticks and for this price point, it seemed like worth it.

Chitra Pal La Girl Flat Pigment Gloss (3)

Overall Review:-

Lets talk about the packaging first, it's sturdy and you can actually see the lipstick color from outside clearly. Its plastic tube, and it has doe foot wand applicator, which is flat, and can get the color on both sides which is easier to apply too. It has name mentioned on the lipstick back side with some number too. But as I said you can see the color from outside, so you don't need to remember the name and keep it upside down in your makeup drawers. It has a weird paint smell, which is noticeable once you apply, but it goes away, but you can taste it little longer on lips. I don't really care about it. I am fine with it.

So now lets talk about application, which is my review about. I love the colors selection, they tend to attract you and the price is great too. I was lured into this. Now I think of I should have tested one before, instead of buying all in once. Basically for all matte lipstick I always exfoliate and apply lip balm on my lips. I did the same for them too. I applied the lipstick slowly, so that it does not spread out of lip line and does not get on my teeth at all. I applied first layer and then when it dried I applied second layer. It was pretty pigmented not streaky at all, but still I wanted two layers. It was not budge proof for whole day, as I ate in between and if you eat oily food, it gets off from inner part of your lips. But whole day I was so uncomfortable because of dry lips after sometime my lips were paining and some of the colors got flakey also. It settled into fine lines and then after sometime it got flakey. After I use to apply them , the next day I was only applying olive oil, lip balm only. My lips got so dehydrated, that all the moisture was gone and it chapped.

Overall I really liked the colors and loved the pigmentation and price point, but it did not work for me at all. I wish it would have worked like other people, but it did not. I am not happy with the formulation at all. I have actually taken a lot of time in testing them out and gave them good chance. I really wanted to like them.

Swatches:- I have tested all these lipsticks separately for more than once for whole day. So here are the swatches.


Chitra Pal La Girl Flat Pigment Gloss (1)

From left to right: Bazaar, Timeless, Obsess, Instinct, Frisky, Rebel

As I said I love all the colors they are pretty pigmented and beautiful on lips.

Chitra Pal La Girl Flat Pigment Gloss (5)

I will be doing separate post for lip swatches.

My review is totally my opinion, It can differ from person to person. My intention is not to hurt or offend anyone.