Thursday, December 4, 2014

Swatches WetnWild Gray’s Anatomy 237C and Holiday Nail Art 1

Hi Girls Happy Friday, Here is my Nail art pictorial after a long time. I have not done any Nail Art since long time now. I tried this Rose Nail Art first time , hope you will  like it. It is my Holiday Nail Art.
I have used WetnWild Fast Dry Gray’s Anatomy as my nail bed base. This is a a very beautiful dual chrome gray nail polish with purple undertones to it. It is actually Fast Dry nail polish.
Chitra Pal WetnWild Grays Anatomy
For roses I use a pink color nail polish dotted with a dotting tool, let it dry for some time and make green leaves with a green nail polish, with a small dotting tool.
When the pink color is completely dry add the silver lines with a dotting tool as shown below. You can use any other color also, I used silver as it suits the base color more and it is holiday season so I used a little bling. Later I took a top coat with tiny shimmer and dit on my other fingers where nail art art is not made. That is completely optional.
Chitra Pal WetnWild Grays Anatomy
Chitra Pal WetnWild Grays Anatomy

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